Advantages of Online Grocery Stores over Local Stores


The Internet makes many things possible: you sit comfortably on the sofa at home, take a laptop and shop online. Whether it is baby products, personal care items, spices, or frozen products; the business of online grocery store is booming in Pakistan.

According to the digital association, one in seven Internet users shop online grocery in Islamabad several times a week or even daily. The leading advantage is that the consumers can shop regardless of the difference of day and night and the purchased items are delivered right at your doorstep. Here are a few advantages of online grocery stores over local stores.

Advantages of Online Grocery Islamabad

Every Product is Available Online

Do you recall such situations when you ask the storekeeper for a certain item in a certain color and size and you are told, ‘it only exists as we have it on the shelf.’ An analysis of the online grocery store shows that the item or product is of the same quality that you purchase from the markets. There is a big chance that the products you cannot find in the local store will be available at any of the online grocery stores.  

Online Grocery Stores Have Better Recommendations

In a survey by the IT industry association, 73 percent of online shoppers stated that they usually consult the ratings of other customers before making a purchase. No wonder, the Internet recommendations are reliable and important when it comes to obtaining product information.

Online Grocery Shopping is Quick and Convenient

You can save time by purchasing groceries from online stores. Even those with slow hardware or the Internet will hardly need more than ten minutes to boot up their computers and visit an online grocery store in Pakistan, add an item to the shopping cart and buy it.

Easier to Compare Prices on the Internet

Rates may differ on different websites but the standard rates of regular grocery items are usually the same everywhere. Besides, whoever wants to compare the cheapest online prices with the price of brick-and-mortar retailers, have to go through monstrous tasks. You would first have to get the prices of all retailers and then also see what reaction you get from them when asked for a discount. Retailers can put a price tag of their choice on certain items, depending upon the local competition.

The Exchange is Easier on the Internet

Anyone who purchases from the Internet has more rights than the customer in the store; at least when it comes to returning the goods. If you have ordered something on the Internet, you can send it back within 14 days without giving a reason in many cases. Some retailers are now willing to share their return shipping costs with customers, which is an added advantage for the customers. These few advantages are more than enough to purchase from an online grocery store. You can save time, energy and money by shopping from an online grocery store.

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