Frequently Asked Questions


In which areas do you deliver?

We are delivering products all over Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

What are your delivery timings/ slots?

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What to do if I don’t find a product?

You can search the item through the search bar on the top of the website or you can always suggest your required item to our online customer support agent.

What does Open-Box Delivery refer to?

We provide our customers the facility to ensure the quality of the products after receiving the order as they can pay after they are satisfied with the delivered product.

Can I alter/ change products after confirmation?

Products can be changed/ altered within 30 minutes of your Order confirmation. After confirmation on call or through our Whatsapp Link, any changes after 30 minutes will not be entertained.

Is there a minimum Order limit?

No, there’s no minimum order limit.


Are the prices here negotiable?

No, the prices are fixed.

Will I get Invoice of my Order?

Yes, upon delivery, our agent will provide you the Invoice of your order.

How do I pay for the products?

You can pay Cash-on- Delivery for your ordered products. We also accept Online Payment.

How is my Order confirmed?

  • Order Placed through Website: After placing order through website, our customer support agent will call our customer to confirm the order.
  • Order Placed through Whatsapp: After placing order through Whatsapp, our customer support agent will send a confirmation link to our customer on their respective Whatsapp Number. After confirmation from the customer through that link, we’ll proceed with the delivery of the products.
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