How to Clean & Disinfect Groceries – Simple Steps to Follow

How to Clean and Disinfect Groceries - Simple Steps to Follow

From production to packaging, then shipping to the grocery stores, grocery items pass through many hands before coming home with you. Things were different a year back, but after the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, handling grocery and using it instantly seems very risky. Although you wash your hands thoroughly after coming home and handling the things you were carrying from the grocery store, what makes you sure that they are disinfected? They are definitely not; you have to sanitize them thoroughly and keep yourself safe at the same time. Apart from that, it’s been more than a year since we are off and on under lockdown. Thus, the best option for you is to stay home and avoid visiting grocery stores at all. Search for an online grocery store in Islamabad, place your order, and get your required item on the doorstep. For doing online grocery, GrandOneMart is one of the best options for buying clean and healthy food. It is a much easy and secure option for anyone to avoid going out unnecessarily. If it’s inevitable for you to go out then, here are few steps that you can follow to disinfect your grocery before taking them inside.

Disinfect the Fresh Items

During the food transportation process, the item is handled by many people. As a result, you have to clean the food thoroughly to prevent germs transmission.

  1. After coming back home, first, you have to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Empty your grocery shopping bags and put them into a trash bucket if they are disposable. Otherwise, if made by fabric, put them into the soapy water and leave them for some time.
  2. Now start washing your veggies and fruits in running water and do not use soap or any liquid for cleaning them, as these can release chemicals into your food and make you sick. Gently rub your vegetables and fruits or use a brush to cut off any dirt.
  3. Then dry them with a paper towel when you have done the washing process. Now clean all the remaining things like cutting board, counters with water and soap, dry it with a paper towel, or use a cloth towel. But make sure after using clothe towels to wash them every week.
  4. Lastly, again wash your hands entirely.

Separate and Store the Fresh Items

Germs and bacteria grow on certain surfaces. That’s why it’s important to keep the packed items separated from fresh products. Other than that, please do not use the same counter or cutting board for products and meals without washing them in between. Once you are done washing and cleaning, put the products into the refrigerator as it does better. Then place fresh vegetables and fruits at room temperature. If required, then freeze some of the items and use them accordingly. Now once again, wash your hands completely.

Wipe Common Grocery Ampules

Germs and viruses can remain on the surfaces of cardboard and paper. Then get off after a long period. Understandably, containers you bring at home from grocery stores like bags, bottles, and cans can have the virus on them. But there are fewer chances of getting ill after touching them as the viruses like Covid-19 don’t survive on the surface, so the spread of the virus through food products or packing that are shipping over a day is less risky. So it would help if you kept the distance from people while grocery and put the shoppers outside of the garage or in the porch area for a maximum of 72 hours. Other than that, here are some of the tips to clean off containers.


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  1. First, you have to wash or clean every box, bottle, and can with sanitizer or a spray. But if you don’t have sanitizers for containers, make your own with the help of bleach and water. Leave the disinfectant mist on containers products for some time.
  2. Now dry them with a paper towel or cloth towel before taking them inside your home and place them into the regular shelves or fridge.
  3. After that, discard any packing like plastic bags or cardboard boxes.
  4. Then clean the counters of your kitchen with disinfected mist before using them.
  5. Once you are done with it, wash your hands methodically for 20 seconds with soap.

Save in Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are good in terms of protecting the environment. Some departmental stores have also banned plastic bags and allow nothing but reusable bags. After doing grocery, you have to wash them after each use. Then it will be much secure and safe usage for you in the long run. Finally, you make sure to wash your hands wisely after handling the reusable bags.


These were some of the tips for sanitizing your grocery items before taking them into your home. There is no clear proof of catching a virus from your grocery items and containers. However, you have to take some precautionary measures to keep yourself safe and strong. Shopping for groceries is becoming a major concern due to coming in contact with various surfaces and people who pass through the store every day. There are few steps to disinfect your grocery that can keep you and your food safe and secure; here, water and soap are the most important tools. While visiting the grocery store, try to maintain the social distance, put the mask on your face, and use hand sanitizer more often. It is how you can stay safe from virus and do you grocery in a much better way. After coming back, wash your hands. But if you have the option of doing online grocery, you should avoid going outside. Ordering your food products through online delivery services is safe since the companies like GrandOneMart are thoroughly following SOPs. Follow these simple steps to remain healthy and safely enjoyed your food. If you are healthy, you can enjoy every bit of life.

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