5 Budgeting Tips for Ramadan Shopping

tips for Ramadan Shopping

Ramadan is an auspicious month of the Muslim year, and it is also much awaited by Muslims around the world. This is the time of the year that teaches Muslims worldwide to be more empathetic and care about the needy in society. With Ramadan just around the corner, it is imperative to keep your budget under control. Ramadan is the most blessed month of the Islamic Calendar, and that is why people often get overwhelmed and spend too much on the monthly groceries. This can disturb the monthly expenses that can also affect the budget of the coming months as well.

Online grocery stores like GradeOneMart can help you keep your budgets under control and stay with your list of items. We all have been there when we went to the grocery store to buy one thing but ended up buying 10 other things. Online grocery shopping can be very helpful in sticking to your list and keeping groceries economical. Being economical by no means suggests that you will have to keep many things off the list; rather, it means to shop smartly and look out for any discounts coming your way. If you want to get something from the bakery, like bread or frozen parathas special for the sahoor or iftar, you can get them by tehzeeb home delivery. In Ramadan, stepping out, especially just before the iftar is a tiring task; well, now you don’t have to, simply order home delivery.

In this blog post, 5 frugal budgeting tips are shared to help you with your Ramadan shopping significantly.

1.     Stick to your List

It is one of the most common practices we mostly come across; there will be about 5-10 items in your cart that weren’t on your list. These will be the items that will be responsible for taking your budgets over the top. If you have ever paid attention to a grocery store’s layout, you will notice that all the commodities are placed on the end shelves. This is no coincidence; this is a practice all grocery stores consciously follow, and that is to lure customers into buying things they don’t need but are mere treats. The racks near the cash counters have sweets and chocolates that you often end up buying even though you don’t plan to get them. These stores know how to play with customer psychology, and most of the time, they do it very successfully. Half of the time, your kids put unnecessary items into the cart, and many of the things you will not even notice until you are on the cash counter.

You must also limit the people going with you to your grocery stores because the more people you take, the more hands they grab to different items. Children can be lured more easily. That is why it is better to leave your children at home when you go for Ramadan shopping. If they have any requests, you can ask them to make a list, and then you can decide what fits your budget and not.

2.     Look for Coupons and Sales

You will find several sales ahead of the Ramadan month. Several grocery stores make special packages that can serve an entire family during the month of Ramadan. But that doesn’t mean they will fit your family as well. Some packages are designed for 4 while others are designed for 6 or 8 people. Blindly buying things isn’t going to help with your budget. The first thing to do is estimate how much you spend during the entire month and the items you quickly go through. There are some essentials for the month of Ramadan that cannot be ignored and are a must to have. Then go through these packages and calculate an estimate. Know that the grocery stores will not cut their profits, these packages might be giving you some benefit, but they will always keep their interests on top.

If the package doesn’t work for you, it’s fine to make your own list. Bigger grocery stores run special discounts before Ramadan, which is the right time to get your grocery. Do not overstock; Ramadan is a month that teaches us empathy and to care for others. Suppose you require two cartons of milk. Just buy two instead of stocking on four. This is the exact reason we see the need-demand imbalance in the month of Ramadan. Take the responsibility for whatever you are buying and ensure that you are getting everything you need instead of going back to the store again and again.

3.     Buy in Bulk

This is another very important tip when it comes to buying on a budget. Bigger stores like Carrefour or Metro Cash and Carry have huge stores, and they also deal in wholesale rates. But one downside of these stores is that they have bundle packaging. If you have a big family or are buying for the entire month, there isn’t a better deal than this. If you consume two blocks of butter in the entire month of Ramadan, get packaging of two, and you don’t have to worry about it. You will have to buy things every week that will include eggs, bread, and milk. But other than these items most can be bought in larger quantities. This is an economical way and will also save you from going back and forth to get things from the local grocery store. Since you will be buying in bulk, you may also save more to buy a few extra treats.

Moreover, during the month of Ramadan, once or twice you invite people over for iftars or have an iftar buffer outside; the money you save here will help you there. If your budget is tight, it doesn’t matter if you have to remove a few things from your list. Ramadan is, after all, about being as simple as possible and understanding how the poor people go by their days.

4.     Plan Your Meals

Most of the families have a particular meal plan that they go by in the month of Ramadan. One thing to remember is that you have to pay attention to the nutrition you are getting instead of the flavours. The more nutritious a meal has, the more energy you will sustain through the day. Some of the most nutritious things to eat that is also supported by Hadith are oats and dates. Oats are not very expensive and fill you up pretty well.

When you plan each meal, whether for suhoor, iftar, or dinner, you will have a clear figure of how much you will spend on each meal. You don’t have to include meat in each meal, have an equal amount of pulses and veggies to ensure a balanced diet. If you plan to eat out on a day, document that as well so the budget is calculated according to that. You already have many things in the kitchen; this will include spices, condiments, etc. do not include them, and you will see this will significantly bring the total down.

Ramadan is also a good time to put your cooking skills to the test. Asian culture is all about having homemade items and snacks. This is the right time to stock up the fridge with some frozen items that can help quick meals. You can make some kebabs, samosas, and rolls and freeze them. If you end up buying these items every day, it is impossible to stay within the budget.

5.     Buy Online

When you are adding the items to the cart in grocery stores, there is no way possible that you can get the correct number unless you carry a calculator with you. You are meant to spend a few thousand extras, but that doesn’t happen in an online store. As soon as you add something to your cart, the total is updated, and you know where you are going above budget. This is when you can remove a few extra things from your cart or add something that costs a little less. Islamabad online grocery stores also have more variety. You can compare the prices of three items belonging to three different brands and buy what meets your budget. Many online stores also provide home delivery which means that you are also saving your fuel costs.

There are numerous benefits as to why you should buy online; it’s the time of technology and where everyone is investing their time and energy into it. You can also get several discounts on these online stores. Take your time and shop at whatever time suits you.


The benefits of shopping from an online store are numerous. Traveling while you are fasting can be very hectic, and during summer, it exhausts you beyond words. It is safer to stay indoors and shop from online stores. Even if you are looking to buy from a bakery, tehzeeb bakery home delivery through GradeOneMart is possible.

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