You can return or exchange the received item only if the following conditions are met:
1.  If you have been delivered an open and expired item, you are requested to inform us right away. You are not to open or use the product in any such condition. The product may be subjected to return and refund depending on the condition and category. Also, if the product is sealed shut, it must not be opened if you’re planning to claim a refund over it.

2.  In case the received item is leaked or broken, it is subjected to refund only if it is returned unopened

3.  If the product delivered to you is incorrect, i.e., missing items or details or presentation different on the website.

You are requested to verify the amount and quantity of the products at the time of delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the order before the rider leaves after delivering the package. A refund cannot be claimed if the order has been delivered and the customer didn’t report missing items at the time of receiving.
Also, note that products can simply not be refunded or exchanged if you ‘no longer need them’ or you do not like the product after opening.

Within 7 days of delivery, you can initiate your request for exchange or refund. For instance, if you have received your items on the 7th, then you have till the 14th of the same month to claim a refund or exchange.
You can always contact us for queries related to the products you have received or you want.
We are here to ensure that only quality products are delivered to you in minimum time.


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