Statistics on How Many People Buy Their Groceries Online?

Online grocery store; this probably is not the first time you have heard of this term. In the past few decades, the trend of online grocery shopping has become so common that it has transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry. There is no physical existence of the online grocery store; still, online stores thrive on, bringing significant influence over the world’s economy. What about online shopping in Pakistan? Do you still think it’s a big challenge to shop your groceries online in Islamabad? Well, it is so common that even a layman with a smartphone does it, especially after the pandemic situation all over the world. During this corona outbreak, online grocery stores have flourished more than ever before. Below is an analysis of the online shopping trend.

How Frequent People Shop Online?

According to, around 1.8 billion people purchased groceries online in 2019. Subsequently, e-retail sales have reached $2.8 trillion in the same year. However, this amount is significant enough to influence the world economy. Moreover, the analytical graph shows that this trend will grow up to $4.8 trillion by the end of 2021.

It is a universal truth that people have started shopping online, but how often, in particular, do they purchase online? According to a survey conducted by an NGO in Islamabad, 43% of people buy their groceries online once a month, whereas 18% of people do that once a week. 1.8% of people buy groceries from online stores daily.

Thriving Trend of Online Grocery Stores

In any case, brick and mortar stores can’t be avoided since the physical shopping trend can never end. However, the revolution comes up with the change in buying trends; the graph of people buying groceries online in Islamabad has dramatically surged. Although the brands have their own online delivery system, the big names assist these brands in enhancing their sales and making more profits. Therefore, instead of buying groceries online from big brands, people prefer to visit the online grocery store where they can find all the things they need under one roof. 

Online Shopping Through Mobile Devices

Comparatively, most of the people in Pakistan use mobiles more as compared to laptops and desktop PCs. E-commerce businesses are more likely to design their website in a more mobile-friendly way; many also develop mobile apps for customer ease. According to, 87% of online grocery purchasing is made through mobiles. 

World’s Biggest Market Place

In the past few decades, China has made tremendous success throughout the world. They are one of the most successful nations on the planet, and the big one as well. Taobao is the Chinese online market place; the biggest marketplace in the world. It has increased a GMV of $515 billion; the biggest grocery purchasing is made through Taobao worldwide. On the other hand, Amazon and Tmall have a second and third rank when it comes to revenue, at $432 and $344 billion per annum third-party GMV. 

Marketplace sites, such as eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba, contributed to more than 50% of web sales worldwide in 2019. The IT world is expanding; people are more focused on staying safe at home and order their groceries online. Convenience matters a lot; like many other countries online grocery store in Islamabad, GradeOneMart takes good care of you in Islamabad in terms of grocery shopping.

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