Welcome to Grade One Mart, before using our services, we want our potential customers to go through our Terms and Conditions. This will help them in understanding the procedure and systems of our grocery store Islamabad. Being a reputable online grocery store in Pakistan, we strongly recommend that the audience must use our services only if they agree with the details mentioned below. If you are not contented with our terms and conditions, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use our services.

  • The terms mentioned on this page can be taken as an agreement between the visitors and the service providers. By visiting and using our site, you are indirectly indicating that you do agree with all the conditions suggested here. We would also like to make it clear that we might modify the policies and terms of use of our website when needed, and your continued use of our service will signify the fact that you do agree with the updated terms of services.
  • We do hold the rights to either terminate all or some of the clauses stated here, without informing our users beforehand. Besides this, if, for any particular reason, we decide not to allow any of our users to enjoy further benefits by using our service, we can block access to his/her account.
  • We request our users to provide genuine and accurate personal info while placing an order for the timely provision of goods and update us about any change that occurs so that we re-record it as soon as possible.
  • We warn our users not to provide us fake details or details of any other person on behalf of themselves. Such an activity would be considered as a fraudulent act, and not only would we cancel the placed order, but the person would be held accountable for penalty.
  • We may deny access to any user’s account if we witness any illegal activity from his/her account. In case you are not part of or responsible for such activity then immediately report us at support@ .
  • We strongly condemn the registration of individuals below 18 years of age on our site. Our system would immediately deactivate the account. Also, we advise our users not to share their account details (ID, password) with anyone under any circumstances.
  • The information shared with us won’t be used or shared inappropriately. However, we might use it to update our customers by sending promotional emails.
  • In case we find anyone guilty of exploiting our reputation or creating any sort of propaganda or confusion among our users, then we will take strict action against that individual.
  • We also hold the right to cancel your order if a disagreement occurs. Our customer support department will reach you out for further details in order to resolve the uncertainty.
  • We provide exact and complete details of the products being displayed on our site. If by chance, any inaccuracy, mispricing, or another sort of error occurs, users can contact our customer service, and we will help you out in every possible way. If anyone places unconfirmed order, then we might revoke it or refuse to deliver it.
  • We won’t entertain our customers if they request to make some changes or replace the product at the time of delivery unless the product being delivered is damaged or not the same in terms of quality or quantity. We also advise our customers to receive the order at the agreed time and if they don’t, then we won’t be responsible for delivering that order again under any circumstances.
  • At times, users place an order, and that particular item runs out of stock, we at online grocery store truly believe that customer is king and therefore we will dutifully inform our users as soon as the product becomes available again. If God forbid, any unfortunate or unexpected incident occurs, due to which processing or delivery of product gets delayed, then customers are requested to cooperate with us.
  • You are requested to go through this document carefully, and after that, if you are willing to use our services by accepting all our terms and conditions, then we delightedly welcome you.

For any queries or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us at  support@ .

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